Annual Report


Since 2002, the foundation has enhanced the quality of life in Montgomery County communities through its grantmaking and related activities.

Over its first 10 years the foundation awarded $10,949,804 to 158 organizations. Click here to read about other key accomplishments in the foundation’s first 10 years. 


In keeping with the foundation’s commitment to transparency and accountability, the foundation posts its financial reports on its website for public access. 

An independent audit committee, chaired by a community volunteer, is responsible for recommending the appointment of an independent audit firm that the foundation’s board of directors engages to perform an annual financial statement audit.

The foundation’s financial statements are consolidated with those of 2506 LLC.  2506 LLC operates the Community Partners Center for Health and Human Services, a multi-tenant nonprofit center which houses the foundation and seven health and human services agencies serving the Greater North Penn Community. 

What is Systems Change?

The process of altering or transforming how major parts of the safety net are linked, function and influence one another.