About the name and brand



Great ideas are like dandelions:  they spread far and wide and once they take root, they are strong




The Logo and Our Work:  Seeding Great Ideas

Great ideas come from a variety of sources – consumers, nonprofit organizations, government, researchers, philanthropic colleagues and others. The dandelion reflects our commitment to seeding great ideas through our grants, our convenings and other activities including partnerships with other foundations, government agencies and community organizations. 

The image of the dandelion, with the one seed going off on its own, visually represents the foundation’s role in investing in healthy communities.

A downloadable copy of the he foundation's style guide is below.

Dandelion Lore

Dandelion folklore speaks to the medicinal qualities of the plant and its strength to reseed itself. Dandelions have been associated with the qualities of warmth, healing, radiance, illumination, growth and transformation.

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