Mission, Vision and Values


HealthSpark Foundation invests in systems change opportunities in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania to promote consumer access to safety net services and leverage public and private resources promoting quality outcomes.


  • Transparency in all decisions and actions
  • Ethical behavioral to preserve public trust
  • Accountable actions
  • Compassion for the community, its people and the organizations providing solutions
  • Responsiveness and sensitivity to the diverse needs of the community
  • Fair, respectful, honest and professional relationships with all who encounter the foundation
  • Passion in the pursuit of philanthropic excellence


The foundation is mindful of the responsibility and obligation to ensure its resources (financial assets, staff, building, etc.) are well managed and sustained. The foundation strives to be prudent decision makers, willing to assume some risk to advance promising ideas and opportunities. The foundation seek board members, staff, community volunteers, consultants, grantees and other partners that share these values. 

The foundation is passionate about empowering systems and organizations to work together, sharing its knowledge with others and encouraging others to share what they learn with one another and with the foundation. The foundation believes that being a collaborator with others is the quickest and most effective approach to solving the problems it addresses since it cannot achieve its goals by itself. 

The foundation recognizes that the challenges of living in poverty are daunting for the individuals experiencing poverty, the organizations that provide services and supports to overcome the effects of poverty and for the overall health and wellbeing of the community. The foundation’s systems change approach seeks to improve access, navigation and coordination of services across systems of care and to promote quality outcomes by leveraging public and private resources. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Since 2014, HealthSpark Foundation staff, board members and community volunteers have engaged in a series of learnings and experiences designed to enhance personal and organizational awareness and commitment to building and operating a culturally aware, competent, diverse, equitable and inclusive organization. Individuals have engaged in group and personal learning hosted by local, regional and national groups. 

The composition of the board and community volunteer program participants have become increasingly diverse. Since its inception, the board’s diversity has increased on several dimensions including the number of women, people of color, geographic areas represented and age of board members. Individuals elected to hold leadership roles have also become more diverse. Outside of the foundation, staff continues to engage with grantees and others to raise awareness of our expectations that grantees build cultural awareness, continue efforts to establish a more diverse staff and board and consider how institutional bias and racism are contributing to inequitable programs and services.