Application Review Process

The guiding principles are applied by the staff and board when making funding decisions to assess whether evidence about the applicant’s commitment to these principles can be demonstrated through past practice or incorporated into the framework of the proposed grant work plan.  In its review of funding requests, the foundation highly values demonstrated efforts to explore partnerships and to leverage core competencies and resources among community partners that might not otherwise be available, as robust or as sustainable as an individual effort.  The foundation remains committed to considering grant requests from nonprofit organizations designed to help them develop/deliver high quality, high impact programs/services that are fiscally sustainable and responsive to community needs.   

Review Process

Staff reviews proposals to ensure requests are consistent with the foundation’s grantmaking guidelines and all required application materials have been submitted.

Next, the grants committee, comprised of board members and staff, thoroughly reviews the proposals and makes decisions regarding funding.

The grants committee considers the following criteria in their review.

  • Assessment of project fit to grantmaking guidelines
  • Assessment of need or opportunity in Montgomery County (See Service Community map, bottom of page)
  • Feasibility and approach
  • Clear and measurable impact
  • Evidence of collaboration/linkages within the community
  • Feedback loop to support continuous learning during and after the project
  • Appropriate staffing and credentialing
  • Organizational capacity and qualifications
  • Adequacy of project budget to proposed results

At any point along the review process, the staff may contact the applicant to request additional information or to arrange a site visit. 


Staff will notify the applicant once a decision has been made. If a grant is awarded, the staff will prepare and forward a grant agreement, a legally binding contract between the foundation and the grantee.  Upon receipt of an executed grant agreement, the foundation will distribute grant funds in accordance with the payment schedule outlined in the grant agreement.