Grantee Reporting

Reporting Requirements 

The grant agreement outlines grantee reporting requirements.  Grantees are required to submit reports using the foundation's reporting forms via the online system.

Access Report Forms

In general, the report is comprised of two elements:  the program report and the financial report.

Program Report

Drawing from the approved workplan (when applicable) and the grant agreement, the program report allows the grantee to highlight significant accomplishments and progress made toward achieving the proposed results.

Equally important, the foundation desires to learn about unanticipated changes in the project, and challenges and barriers encountered.  This information helps to inform the foundation's discussion on strategic planning and crafting its funding priorities. 

Financial Report

The financial report provides an accounting of the grant funds received and the expenditures made.  The report compares actual expenditures to the approved project budget.

The financial reporting form is an Excel spreadsheet that contains three tabs.

Tab 1:  Instructions for completing the forms
Tab 2:  Interim report
Tab 3:  Final report