Technical Assistance

Assistance Beyond Grants

HealthSpark Foundation offers various types of assistance beyond its grants program and seeks sustainable and mutually valued partnerships. The foundation actively fosters relationships with executives and program staff, thought leaders and industry experts who understand how to cost-effectively achieve meaningful results.

Types of Assistance 

HealthSpark Foundation offers various forms of assistance, such as those outlined below. It convenes, stimulates dialogue, offers to share knowledge and best practices and supports learning and the cultivation of ideas.


  • Strategic planning
  • Financial planning/accounting
  • Development of performance measures

Field Related

  •  Encourage and facilitate collaboration
  •  Introductions to leaders in the field
  •  Research or best practices
  •  Seminars/forums/convenings


  •  Fundraising
  •  Board development/governance
  •  Use of foundation facilities
  •  Staff management training